Marriage coaching is the less-glamorous and less-Instagramable side of what I do as a Whistler wedding celebrant and marriage coach. And while I love creating unique and custom wedding ceremonies that are meaningful and memorable, my role as a marriage coach allows me to walk with couples through important aspects of real relationship.

My goal with marriage coaching is to cheer on the healthy growth & maturity of your marriage and to energize your relational vitality, intimacy, and oneness while providing you tools and exercises to actually do this well. After all, with so much energy and resource put into the wedding celebration, how much more energy and resource should go into the actual marriage?

Marriage coaching is available in-person here in Whistler and online via Skype or Facetime and is a wonderful and soul-searching time together as a couple, sure to bring you closer together. Marriage coaching is for engaged couples, newly married couples, and for couples who have been together for many, many year!s

Marriage Coaching Testimony:

Before walking you through the process of how we do the marriage coaching, let me introduce you to a real review from a real couple who have walked through the marriage coaching process. Here it is:

"We highly recommend Jeremy’s marriage coaching package. My husband and I signed up for it on a whim just a month before we got married, but it turned out to be one of the best decisions we made in terms of helping to create a more honest path towards matrimony. Jeremy’s warmth and desire to genuinely assist us was clear from the start and we both felt truly cared for and supported by him throughout the entire process. The weeks leading up to the wedding can be a trying and emotional time for many, but with Jeremy’s gentle guidance and level-head, we were able to navigate everything with calm, sensitivity and ease, something we will eternally be grateful for!"


The Marriage Coaching Process:

Step 1: Take the Couple’s Prepare Enrich Online Assessment

The Prepare Enrich online assessment is a secure, completely confidential, and highly validated assessment tool that takes each partner approximately 30 minutes to complete. Once each partner has completed the assessment tool, an in-depth report is generated showing:

  • Couple’s Area of Agreement across 9-13 categories,

  • Stress Profiles and how they interact,

  • Conflict and Communication styles,

  • Personality Profiles,

  • Family Mapping,

  • Relational Dynamics,

  • And much more…

As a stats nerd, I am blown away by the data these reports provide and the insight they give into the relational life of a couple. The assessment tool comes in a number of different faith-based models, a non-denominational model, and a civil/no-faith model.

Step 2: Book Your Marriage Coaching Sessions

Upon completion of the Prepare Enrich assessment tool, we schedule five 60-minute sessions to walk through the findings of your couple’s report. These sessions are an incredible time of intentional relationship work designed to bring you closer together as a couple and provide you tools for marriage vitality. Every couple who has participated in these marriage coaching sessions have walked away more closely connected.

From guided exercises to relational homework and space for intentional conversations, couple’s who engage with these marriage coaching sessions:

  • Grow in their understanding of their partner

  • Feel more intimately and emotionally connected

  • Have strengthened communication skills

  • Have explored relational strength and growth areas

  • Identified and worked towards managing major stressors

  • Developed healthy models for conflict and resolution

  • And more…


The real process of marriage coaching is about creating an intentional time to build into the life and growth of your relationship. It is an exercise of introspection and honesty and is a move towards relational oneness that involves every capacity; mind, body, emotions, social and family structures, and soul. This is about energizing your relationship and I want to help you do that.

Marriage Coaching FAQ

How well does Skype/Facetime marriage coaching work?

Marriage coaching via Skype or Facetime works very well and conveniently allows you to have some really good conversations in the comfort of your own home. Also, your home is the context where much of life + relationship is lived and so Skype has the added benefit of letting you practice and build into your relationship inside the context (your home) that you normally live in.

 Skype and Facetime are also great for international and destination couples living in different time zones. I regularly meet with couples from around the globe and schedule morning, afternoon, and evening appointments to best accommodate time zone differences.

How much does marriage coaching cost?

Five sessions of marriage coaching PLUS access to the Prepare Enrich assessment tool is $899 CDN and is well worth the investment.

What if we would like additional coaching sessions?

If, at the end of five sessions, you would like to continue on with coaching for an additional one, two, or three sessions, we can make arrangements. Each additional session is $150 CDN.