A Winter Elopement in a Snow Globe

Snowy winter elopements here in Whistler BC are a unique and memorable way to celebrate your love story. Every winter elopement has its own feel and vibe sure to surprise and delight you and your guests with a bit of winter magic. And while every Whistler elopement is unique and custom built, there is a certain rhythm to the day that helps us create these beautiful and romantic moments.

Winter elopement Whistler wedding

With that in mind, I’d like to walk you through a day in the life of a winter elopement at one of my favourite spots: The Whistler Snow Globe. Enjoy the photos from the highlighted elopement and please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or you’d like to get rolling with your own winter elopement here in Whistler. 

And so without further ado, welcome to a day in the life of our Snow Globe All-Inclusive Elopement here in Whistler, BC.

The elopement I am going to show you was photographed by Jessie McNaught for our GOLD package which includes stress free event planning, a snow cat tour, exclusive & private access to the snow globe, champagne or hot chocolate and Bailey’s, 4-hours of professional photography, 4-hours of professional videography, in-suite bridal hair & make-up, bridal bouquet and groom’s boutonnière, transportation for two to-and-from your local accommodations, dinner reservations for 2 (dinner not included), and of course the wedding officiant, custom ceremony design, and legalization. One of the cool things with this winter elopement package is that it also includes up to 10 guests!

mountain elope winter elopement

These winter elopements are designed to be really simple. Once you have booked your date and answered a few brief intake questions and we feel like we have a good vision for the day, the Whistler Wedding Pastor team goes to work building out a timeline, contracting and securing all the vendors, we make sure everyone knows what they’re doing and we take care of all of the little administrative details so that you don’t have to. Simple, easy.

First up on your winter elopement timeline is usually in-suite hair & makeup. A really fun and special way to start the wedding day is to invite a talented hair & make-up artist to help with morning preparations. A mountain girl with a passion for hair & makeup styling, Kerry Waring provided HMU for our bride on this day. Kerry is an absolute pleasure to work with and you can’t help but feel the passion and energy she brings to her craft. Check out her website and testimonials here!

winter bride elopement

While you’re being pampered with hair & makeup styling, I’ll check in with my florist over at Senka Florist. Senka is a Whistler flower house with a talented and dedicated team of florists who provide floral design for many different occasions and events in the Sea to Sky corridor. They also love to ski and snowboard and if you’re lucky you’ll spot them up on Whistler Blackcomb when they’re not back in the shop creating beautiful winter floral arrangements.

winter bride winter elopement

Once I have your bouquet and groom’s boutonniere I head over to your accommodations to check in with you guys, to deliver your floral package, and to help in anyway we can.

After hair and makeup is done, your dress is on and his tie is tied and you’re all set and ready to go for your winter elopement, you guys will jump in my vehicle and we’ll head out to the Canadian Wilderness Adventures base where we will meet up with the photographer & videographer and head out in the snow cat to the snow globe!

snow cat winter wedding

Pro Tip: The snow cat has a pumping sound system and so if you want to bring a custom playlist for the ride, do it! A snow cat dance party is never a bad idea.

Once in the snow cat and we’re headed up the mountain, you can really start to feel the anticipation rise as now it is really real: we’re headed to your very own mountain chapel! A scenic tour through our Coastal forest of Douglas Firs delivers us to a remote location with the Snow Globe, an outdoor gas fire pit (gas, so you don’t smell like smoke!) and our ceremony location. Depending on what the weather and light are doing, we will do the ceremony outdoors or inside the snow globe….totally up to you!

snow elopement winter elope

 A mountain ceremony is a special thing. There is a beauty & majesty felt in the mountains that you can also feel radiating inside of you as you celebrate your wedding. Nature and love somehow reflect and “mirror” one another and so it is no wonder we are drawn to celebrating weddings in wild and natural places. Know what I mean? 

elope winter elopement mountain

 As we come to the end of the ceremony and I’ve said “You may kiss the bride!” we’ll pop some bubbly and celebrate while the photo and video team get rolling with your winter elopement photo & video session. With the Snow Globe elopement we normally do two different photo locations: one in the vicinity of the snow globe and another at a different location along a picturesque winter creek.

winter wedding elope

The images from your winter elopement are something you will love for a long time and are sure to blow up your instagram game! We have an incredible crew of Whistler wedding photographer’s who participate in these elopement packages and I guarantee you will have a difficult time deciding who’s stunning portfolio you like the best! Each photographer we recommend are people we know, love, and trust and who are crazy talented. You’ll love them.

elope winter elopement

Eventually we’ll get the word from our guide and snow cat driver that it is time to load back into the snow cat and head back to the base. The snow cat, by the way, is a warm and comfortable ride protected from the outside elements. Upon completion of the snow cat tour and we’ve said our good-byes to everyone there, we will drive you back to your local accommodation where you can have a bit of rest and refresh before dinner.

Winter elopement snow elopement

There are many wonderful dining options in Whistler and we’ll work with you on finding the menu and atmosphere that works best for you guys to celebrate your new marriage. Some of my favourite fine dining establishments include Alta Bistro, Araxi, Barefoot Bistro, The Rim Rock Café, Hy’s Steakhouse, Aura @ Nita Lake Lodge, and the Red Door Bistro. There are also many great pub and lounge style dining options if you’re looking for something a little more casual with live music and a fun atmosphere.

 After dinner, the evening and night are yours to do what you like. Some people go dancing, others will go for a walk and a cocktail, some will Facetime family, and other’s will settle into a quiet & romantic evening back at their hotel. Whatever you choose to do, the night is yours and you will have had a full and fulfilling day.

winter eloepment

Update: Snow Globe elopements are best January-March and I still have some limited availability for 2020 winter elopements.  

Wedding Officiant Jeremy Postal

A wedding officiant for 19 years, I’ve married hundreds of couple’s in all kinds of settings and I can tell you that these winter elopements are something really special. With 150+ 5-star reviews from couple’s who have absolutely loved their simple, stress-free, and memorable Whistler elopement, it is something you should definitely check out…..I’d love to celebrate with!

Click here to find out more about a Whistler elopement package that works for you or contact me and we’ll start the process today, get your date locked in, and get ya hitched here in Whistler!