FAQ: Do You Offer or Require Pre-Marital Counseling?

FAQ: Do You Offer or Require Pre-Marital Counseling?

We do not require pre-marital counseling. That said, whether you are running away for your private Whistler elopement or you are throwing a huge full-production Whistler wedding, we recommend some form of marriage and relationship counseling.

Marriage counseling and marriage coaching are two different and distinct experiences that work towards one aim: honest & harmonious marriage relationship.

WWP Marriage Counseling is offered in person here in Whistler or via Skype with clinical counselor Candace Postal, MC RCC. For those with a Canadian health & benefits package, these sessions will be full or partially covered by your insurance provider. You can book your marriage counseling here.

WWP Marriage Coaching is only available online via Skype or Facetime by certified marriage and relationship coach, Jeremy Postal. Find out more about marriage coaching here.

While pre-marital counseling or coaching is highly recommended, studies have shown that the first two years of marriage are a critical time for intentional marriage coaching/counseling. For those in the wedding planning stage of life and too busy for counseling, a season of marriage coaching sometime after the wedding day is a great idea.

We absolutely believe in marriage and think that marriage coaching and counseling is a fantastic way to celebrate and energize your marriage!