Whistler Wedding Photographer Leah Kathryn | Interview + Review

As a busy Whistler wedding officiant I have the privilege of working with many of the region's best Whistler wedding photographer's at different venues all over the Sea-to-Sky region. There are many talented local wedding photographers with amazing portfolio's, a zest for life and adventure, and who have the local knowledge, connections, and the right experience to really capture your day in photos well. 

Leah Martin of Leah Kathryn Photography is one such photographer. In fact, over the last year or so, she has quickly become one of my favourite Whistler wedding photographers who's eye for composition and easy-going manner come together to create beautiful wedding photography. 

I was able to catch-up with Leah recently to ask her a few questions about Whistler, photography, and weddings. Make sure to read and scroll to the end of the interview for a link to her 2017 Best Of Photos, it's amazing!  

Leah Kathryn Photography

Leah Kathryn Photography Interview

1. Leah, you're really making a name for yourself as a Whistler wedding photographer with loads of fun and creative photos. How do you keep that creative edge towards your wedding photography?

Traveling is a HUGE reset for me. It helps me see the world in a different light, which I feel benefits the way I shoot. There is so much room for growth, and each year I learn so much. It's a constant learning process for me. 

2. What do you love about Whistler? What makes a Whistler wedding special and unique? Or, why should couple's consider gettin' hitched in Whistler? 

Whistler and the Sea to Sky are beautiful. From incredible mountainscapes, to rushing rivers, forests, and lakes. This area is an outdoor enthusiasts mecca. The backdrops alone make this area a pretty special place to get hitched. 

Leah Kathryn Photography

3. Who or what are your photo's and work inspired by? 

Nature is a big factor for me. If I have the opportunity to take couples to somewhere a little more secluded, somewhere with a lot of scenery, I am stoked. I really like to incorporate landscapes in with my portraits when given the opportunity.

I'm honestly so inspired by a lot of our local photographers. I've been looking up to them for a long time and their work is ultimately what drove me to this industry. The photography community is strong, and each photographer has their own voice. Being able to bounce ideas off of each other, or just give encouragement is pretty awesome. I get inspired by what a lot of them are doing, and how they are growing in their craft. It pushes me to grow and evolve myself. 

Leah Kathryn Photography

4. What important piece's of advice would you give to couple's looking to hire a photographer to shoot their wedding? What question's should they ask the photographer or what kind's of things should they be considering when hiring a photographer? 

I think the first thing couples look for obviously is style. Does their work resonate with you and what you are looking for along with their editing style? Make sure that their editing is what you are looking for. If you want light and airy, but they shoot darker and a bit moodier, than they probably aren't a good fit. 

Personalities are big. Being able to have a chat to see if you are a good fit for each other is important. 

Before you finalize your timeline, I would always get some insight from your photographer on recommended timing for photos. No better person to know this than your photographer. Light plays a huge role and is something that is often forgotten about, a bit of insight into this is super helpful. 

My biggest advice for couples on their wedding day is to not sweat the small stuff. The more fun you are having, the more laughter, the better your photos will be. For myself, 80% of the day is shot candidly, so this reflects hugely in your photos. 

Leah Kathryn Photography

Review: Leah Kathryn Photography

Leah was absolutely amazing! Not only were our photos stunning, but Leah is just a really cool person to hang out with, and she did a great job making us feel relaxed and comfortable. She captured every moment perfectly and worked efficiently to keep the timeline running smoothly. I would recommend her 1 million percent!

To see more of Leah's work, make sure to check out her 2017 Best of Photos. 

Leah Kathryn Photography

Leah Kathryn Photography is a participating photographer with Whistler Wedding Pastor's All-Inclusive Elopement Packages and she comes highly recommended for wedding, lifestyle, and brand photography.