Whistler Helicopter Wedding Elopements: 4 Tips For Success

A Whistler helicopter wedding elopement is like something you’ve never experienced. From the moment you buckle into one of the fleet from Blackcomb Helicopters and the rotor’s begin to spin, you know you’re in for something special.

Beginning with a scenic flight over the Whistler valley and its beautiful lakes before cresting over mountain peaks and circling ancient glaciers, your Whistler helicopter wedding starts by blowing minds! Words like “breathtaking” “awe-inspiring” and “stunning” only begin to describe the helicopter tour while enroute to your mountain top helicopter wedding.

Whether landing on a mountain peak or at an alpine lake, your wedding cathedral is rivalled by none and makes for a very, very memorable wedding ceremony. Check-out the video at the end of this post for a quick look at how amazing helicopter elopements are! 

Whistler Helicopter Wedding Elopement - photo by Logan Swayze

Here are 4 tips to help make your Whistler helicopter wedding a success:

1. Dress For The Peak

From the helipad down in the valley to the top of a mountain usually represents temperature and weather differences. I always recommend couple’s to dress so they get maximum enjoyment during their time on top of the mountain.

In the heat of summer, the mountaintop is a welcomed relief from the heat and, while not cold, it is usually cooler than down in the valley. Most summer brides and bridesmaids are comfortable without a jacket or scarf, etc. Also, for those brides wearing heels, it is a good idea to bring along a pair of flats or even boots for walking on glaciated snow and uneven rock (though many brides hike around the alpine in heels and seem fine!).

In the winter, ensure you’re dressed for cool/cold temperatures and expect to sink into the snow when you walk on it. Boots, hats, mittens, overcoats, etc are all recommended as we do land the heli in a remote mountain environment. Before heading up, I like to take a look at the Whistler Blackcomb alpine weather conditions & webcams to get an idea of what is happening in the alpine.

Whistler Helicopter Wedding Elopement - photo by Logan Swayze

2. Bring a Local Photographer

The alpine location of your wedding ceremony shouldn’t be photographed by the groom using a selfie-stick or by your helicopter pilot with an iPhone. The images that come out of Whistler helicopter weddings are absolutely gorgeous and, if you’re going to all the trouble of gettin’ hitched on top of a mountain, why not bring a talented local wedding photographer?

Feel free to email me for a list of my suggestions of great local photographers and enjoy the featured photos in this post from Whistler wedding photographer Logan Swayze.

Whistler Helicopter Wedding Elopement - photo by Logan Swayze

3. Have a Back-Up Plan

A simple reality of Whistler helicopter weddings is that sometimes, occasionally, Mother Nature has plans other than our own and the heli can’t fly. Sometimes this means wedding day timelines get bumped around and other times it means moving a ceremony to a valley location or location accessed from the Whistler Blackcomb gondolas. It’s just one of those things we have to sometimes roll with and a great reason to have a solid back-up plan ready to go. Ask me about the amazing back-up plans I have hidden up my sleeve.

Whistler Helicopter Wedding Elopement - photo by Logan Swayze

4. Make It Simple, Book The All-Inclusive Heli-Elopement Package

The all-inclusive helicopter wedding elopement package provides a simple and stress-free approach to celebrating your love story. The Whistler Wedding Pastor team builds out a detailed timeline, arranges transportation and connections, connects you to the best local vendors, ensures everything runs smoothly from beginning to end, and does all of this at a better price than anybody else. Trusted experience, local knowledge, and personal service go a long way in helping set a relaxed atmosphere for your elopement celebration, a celebration you’ll never forget!

Check out what’s included in the Whistler Helicopter Elopement All-Inclusive package and take your elopement to the next level.

Whistler Helicopter Wedding Elopement - photo by Logan Swayze

If you have any specific questions about Whistler helicopter weddings, please do not hesitate to email me as I am very happy to respond with any insight, answers, and suggestions as I can. I can’t wait to celebrate with you!  


Some of the best reasons to do a heli wedding are to just get away from everything else. There are no other people, no sounds, no commotion...just a couple joined by those they love surrounded by the beauty of nature. Plus, so many couples take limousines to their wedding ceremonies. I think helicopters are a far better way to travel and the places the heli brings us to make for stunning photos!
— Whistler Wedding Photographer, Logan Swayze