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Tofino Wedding Officiant | Photo by Tara Lilly Photography

Are you getting married in Tofino? It’s last minute and you’re looking for a Tofino wedding officiant? You want to elope in Tofino? You’ll need a Tofino wedding officiant and, as luck would have it, I can help make that happen.

Whistler wedding officiant Jeremy Postal (yours truly) splits his time between Whistler and Tofino and is available for Tofino elopements as well as high-end large scale Ucluelet or Tofino weddings. Whether you are getting married in an upscale resort, barefoot on the beach, gum boots on the beach, or deep in the Tofino rain forest, having an officiant who get’s your vibe and love story is a key element in helping create the tone, feel, and atmosphere of the ceremony.

Living in Whistler’s Sea-to-Sky region provides us with much time spent in the mountains and, as often as possible, we make our break to our saltwater coast to enjoy a different air and different rhythm.

We understand why you’re getting married in Tofino. It’s the vibe. And that’s why we split our time between the mountain’s and the swell.

Saltwater is good for the soul and what better place to unite two hearts in love, self-sacrifice, and commitment than on one of Tofino or Ukee’s many picture perfect beaches?

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Tofino Wedding Officiant | Photo by Tara Lilly Photography

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Tofino Wedding Officiant | Photo by Tara Lilly Photography

Based in Whistler BC, Jeremy Postal is a mountain loving, snow chasing, forest dwelling, rock climbing, surf boarding, bike riding, word smithing, parish pastoring, family rearing misfit who loves life in rhythm with friends, family, and the world around him.

As a Whistler and Tofino wedding officiant, Jeremy loves helping couple’s celebrate their love story and is honored to be included in such a memorable & intimate part of people’s journey together.

To find out more about Jeremy, read his bio here and head over to his Instagram @Whistler_WeddingPastor or at his personal Instagram account @JeremyPostal.

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Award winning featured photos by Tara Lilly Photography. 

Tofino Wedding Officiant | Tara Lilly Photography