10 Reasons to Elope In Whistler

Choosing to elope in Whistler is a fantastic option for those looking to celebrate their love story in one of the most beautiful places on the planet with just themselves or a handful of close friends or family. More and more couples are making the decision to elope in Whistler because the views in Whistler are unparalleled, the Canadian vs. American dollar makes it ideal for our friends south of the border, and the local wedding industry is world-class. But before giving you my list of ten reasons to elope in Whistler, let’s talk about why you should elope.

Who Should Consider Eloping?

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Every couple who eventually decide to elope do so for their own reasons. However, as a Whistler wedding officiant, there are a number of common reasons I see and, if you’re considering eloping, you’ve probably already made this list for yourself.

  • Eloping is way cheaper than a full-scale wedding. With the money you save on your wedding, you can actually have your dream destination elopement in Whistler.

  • For brides who don’t like to be center of attention, an elopement is much more enjoyable.

  • Eloping doesn’t have to mean you’re alone. Many elopements have their very closest friends or family along. Eloping has a very intimate feel, it is a celebration with those closest to you.

  • No need to choose a bridal party.

  • Eloping cuts down on planning and stress.

  • Eloping is quick and easy.

  • Wear what you want, do what you want, go where you want. No expectations from anyone!

  • The wedding is one day, marriage is forever: Eloping gives you opportunity to invest into the marriage more than the wedding.

Whistler Wedding Packages | Whistler Wedding Officiant | Photo by Leah Kathryn Photography

10 Reasons to Elope in Whistler

1. Mountain Views & Wedding Photos are Amazing!

Unmatched mountain terrain and easy access to the alpine mixed with outstanding and awarded local wedding photographers, Whistler provides an incredible setting for any couple desiring a beautiful location and photos to prove it. The local photography community is vibrant and very talented.  

Whistler Wedding Packages | Whistler Wedding Officiant | Photo by Crispin Cannon Photography

2. Pre-Wedding Pampering is First Class

Within Whistler’s world-class four-season destination playground, there are many amazing spa and relaxation services certain to chill you out and make you feel beautiful, inside and out. From mobile hair and make-up to relaxation spa experiences like The Scandinave Whistler, Whistler is a place to rest and refresh, an opportunity to leave your worries and stress at home. Of course, for those looking for a shot of adrenaline instead of zen, check out the Whistler bike park, hit the slopes on your skis or snowboard, go zip lining, bungee jumping, white water rafting, hike the alpine, or check out any number of Whistler’s adventure activities.  

3. World Class Wedding Vendors

Whistler Wedding Packages | Whistler Wedding Officiant | Photo by The Whistler Wedding Collective

Whistler is known for hosting world-class events and we know how to celebrate better than most. In fact, the Huffington Post rated Whistler as one of the top 5 places in the world to get your party on.

Behind every celebration is a dedicated team of hardworking locals who take care of all the details, have the connections, and make the magic happen. These locals are world-class people throwing world-class events.

Whistler Wedding Packages | Whistler Wedding Officiant | Photo by Leah Kathryn Photography

4. All-Inclusive Whistler Wedding Packages

Speaking of world-class local event planners, many of the local planners offer all-inclusive elopement and wedding packages that make wedding planning easy and stress free. All you need to do is show up with someone to marry and we’ll get you hitched!

Check out these awesome all-inclusive elopement packages that provide you with the best vendors at the best price with no stress!

5. Turn Your Vacation into a Honeymoon

Many couple’s eloping in Whistler have previously been to Whistler on vacation, fallen in love with the mountains here, and couldn’t wait to get back. It is amazing how often I hear, “We booked our vacation to Whistler and then thought, ‘Why don’t we get married while we are there? Let’s invite our parents and friends and show-off Whistler to our family.’” Good decision.


6. Adventure Elopements

Want to elope but want to elope doing what you love to do? Plenty of options exist in Whistler for adventure and, anywhere there is adventure, there is space to elope. Heli-mountain biking? Yep. Heli-skiing? Great idea! Hiking or mountaineering wedding? No problem. Bike park elopement? We do lots of those. Want to ski tour and get married up on Anniversary Glacier? Let’s do it. I still haven’t done an elopement with paddle boards or white water rafting or bungee jumping, but no doubt it will happen eventually. Bring your crazy ideas, let’s do it.

7. Luxury!

Whistler Wedding Packages | Whistler Wedding Officiant | Photo by Alanna Govenlock

Mountain luxury at its finest, Whistler is a mountain village with award-winning luxury accommodation, exclusively refined and personalized service, renowned chef’s and impressive wine lists, and high-end amenities for the cultured and discerning. If lavish indulgence is what you’re after, Whistler fits the bill.

8. Exceptional Exchange Rate

For our friends travelling from destinations in the UK, Europe, Australia, or the United States, the performance of the Canadian dollar means you get an immediate discount on every dollar spent on your Canadian wedding or elopement. For destination couple’s getting married in Whistler, the exchange rate actually means big savings!

Whistler Wedding Packages | Whistler Wedding Officiant | Photo by Alanna Govenlock

9. What About the After Party?

Whistler loves to party, we are a town built around celebrating. Whether you are looking for a sophisticated night out in one of the down tempo lounges, a chill night  at the pub, or you want to get wild in the Whistler underground club scene, the options are many. The Whistler nightlife is pumping every weekend and each night at least one of the local clubs has their “Big Night.” Check out the Whistler Insider for more info and remember to have someone responsible along for the night to make sure everyone get’s home safe & sound, especially through the winter months! 

Whistler Wedding Packages | Whistler Wedding Officiant | Photo by Alanna Govenlock

10. Whistler Is The Ultimate Elopement Destination You and Your Guests Will Never Forget

You could go to Vegas or Mexico, but why not treat yourself and your guests to exploring a totally different part of the world? The towering mountains are the most heavily glaciated mountains in the world, the forests and lakes are pristine, and the vibe in the Whistler village ticks all of the boxes of luxury, adventure, food & wine, and good ol’ chilled out Canadian experience. Whistler is the destination that will always be remembered!

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