Spinning Something Positive: Coast Mountain DJ's Will Light Up Your Wedding Dance Floor

Pete Cronin from Coast Mountain DJs is one of the hardest working Whistler wedding vendors in the region and a top tier Whistler wedding DJ. DJing since he was 15 year’s old and living in Whistler & Pemberton for nearly a decade, Pete is the professional’s professional, a total gentleman, and he knows how to keep a dance floor pumping.

As a Whistler wedding officiant, I often get to work with Pete on the ceremony elements of the wedding day and, I can tell you, his level of care and attention to the couple, the energy in the room, the sound quality, and his ability to work well with vendors, venues, and guests is unparalleled.

Whistler Wedding DJ

Whistler wedding planner Carlee Cindric of Pocketful Productions describes Pete this way:

“Pete Cronin is a total pro! When I find out that I am working with Pete on an upcoming wedding, I know everything will be 100% organized and fun. Pete always arrives on time and is very professional. He works hard from the moment he starts Djing, hitting the ceremony ques, keeping things light and breezy during cocktails and dinner and then getting the party going and keeping the dance floor full. I recommend Pete to all my couples in the Sea to Sky who are looking for a great DJ for their wedding!”

I recently caught up with Pete for a short interview. Be sure to scroll to the bottom of the interview for contact info, social channels, and a short video of Pete at work.

1. Pete, you've been a DJ and a music lover for a long time and in all kinds of settings. From club DJ to the professional you are now, what's kept you in the DJ game? What do you love about this? What keep's you going? 

Every week there is new music coming out which means there is always something to discover that is fresh. I love the power of music! Music takes people’s emotions and puts them into sound and when we listen, it moves us. Music is very personal yet it has this ability to also connect us to complete strangers. 

Whistler wedding DJ

2. Coast Mountain DJs is a premium Whistler wedding DJ service. What set's you apart and above the "dime-a-dozen" DJs who we sometimes see DJing weddings and corporate events? 

Myself and the rest of the Coast Mountain DJ crew are all professional DJs with over 10 years of experience and the equipment we use is high quality professional audio gear.

The music is mixed and blended together without gaps, as it is in a club setting and every transition between tracks is done as smoothly as possible to keep the vibe constant. Every event, regardless of size and location, gets the same approach, “How can I make this a great party?”

3. What's your process in building a playlist to keep the party pumping at the wedding reception? How much input does the couple have? What creative control do you retain to keep things going? 

For wedding clients they can choose up to 30 songs for the dancing portion and I play songs that will complement their selections along with requests from guests. I play what works based on the dance floor energy, there is no set plan before I play apart from the clients choices.

4. For the audio gear heads, what's in your kit?  

My PA is Yorkville which is made in Canada and I use a Pioneer Controller with Serato DJ Pro software to keep the party pumping. I have 2000 Watts and a sub at 1800 Watts which means I have plenty of power, not always needed but nice to have if people want it up loud. In all, I bring around $10,000 in gear to a wedding.

5. What music and artists are inspiring you right now? What are you listening to?  

I listen to new and old funk, disco, soul and electronic music that I find on the Mixcloud app and I still collect vinyl, mainly 80's new wave. I play my music at home and select events and right now I am listening to an Irish Band "Two Door Cinema Club" (editor’s note: You should check them out!)

Whistler wedding DJ

6. What do you love about Whistler? What makes a Whistler wedding special and unique? Or, why should couple's consider gettin' hitched in Whistler? 

Whistler is world class! You get amazing vendors that work their butts off to give their clients an unforgettable experience. We have varied venues and unlimited backdrops for photos. Post or pre wedding day, your guests can enjoy everything that Whistler has to offer, it’s the perfect wedding destination.

7. What important piece's of advice would you give to couple's looking to hire a wedding DJ for their wedding? What question's should they ask you or what kind's of things should they be considering when hiring a Whistler wedding DJ? 

Hire a DJ that has loads of experience, this is everything. Using a local Whistler wedding DJ will ensure they know the venue and they will not need a hotel which will save you on costs. Each venue needs custom sound tweaks to get the best sound, having local experience and knowledge helps. Connect with the DJ with a phone call, skype or email and see if there is a good connection.

Coast Mountain DJs are the premiere Whistler wedding DJ service. You can contact Pete directly here and you can stalk him on Instagram @CoastMountainDJs