Whistler Weddings: What is the Weather in Whistler?

Part of the magic of Whistler weddings is found in each of the distinct four seasons Whistler has to offer. Each season offers Whistler weddings something beautiful and unique and really sets the tone and atmosphere of how your wedding will feel. To help you in deciding when to get married in Whistler, I have brought together some weather stats along with some helpful wedding hints and tips for each of the seasons found in Whistler. 

Whistler is located in the Coastal Mountain Range of southwestern British Columbia, Canada and enjoys moderate weather year-round. That said, our proximity to the ocean and tall mountain peaks means we also enjoy four distinct seasons.

Spring Weddings in Whistler

Whistler wedding officiant Jeremy Postal - Photo by Logan Swayze

In Whistler, spring weddings begin around the first week of April and finish sometime in the beginning of June. April is a beautiful time in Whistler as the mountains begin to shed their winter jackets and summer colors and smells begin to emerge. That said, Springtime weather can be a little unpredictable but there are plenty of gorgeous days that make Spring one of my favourite times of year.

Village life is animated with Spring festivals and events but, on a whole, Spring in Whistler is slower paced, the patios are warm, and – on most days – you can ski and bike or hike in the same day. Though Whistler hosts outdoor weddings year-round, springtime is typically when outdoor weddings really start to take-off.

Average Spring Temperatures in Whistler:

Month             High                Low

April                11C/52F        2C/36F

May                 17C/62F        7C/44F

June                21C/70F        9C/48F

Summer Weddings in Whistler

Whistler wedding officiant Jeremy Postal - Photo by Logan Swayze

Summer is the busiest season for Whistler weddings, and for good reason. Picture perfect mountain lakes, glacier peaks, towering forests, and temperatures that make summer weddings enjoyable. In fact, many couple’s from the southern United States choose a Whistler summer wedding to escape the heat for our more moderate clime.

Summer opens up many amazing venues for your wedding, from quiet bohemian-styled forest and park weddings to mountain top nuptials with grand vistas to weddings in any number of the luxury and boutique hotels in the Whistler valley, the options are many.

Summer is also prime season for helicopter elopements as the weather is generally good to fly, the ice and glaciers are beautifully showcased, and the views are breathtaking, every time!  

Because summer is busy, it is best to book your wedding vendors and venues well in advance. While last minute bookings do happen all the time, many of the popular summer wedding dates are booked-out 12-18 months in advance. Contact me now! 

Average Summer Temperatures in Whistler:

Month             High                Low

July                 27C/80F        11C/52F

August            27C/80F        11C/52F

September     20C/68F        8C/46F

Fall Weddings in Whistler

Whistler wedding officiant Jeremy Postal - photo by Logan Swayze

Couple’s choosing to get married in Whistler during Autumn’s months are rolling the dice on weather as it is often cool and wet in Whistler from October through to American Thanksgiving, end of November. We do host outdoor elopements and weddings during this time, but it is advisable to find a dry and warm wedding venue for your fall wedding in Whistler. There are also some really beautiful outdoor wet-weather elopement spots that are free or very cheap!

There are many great indoor options for all sizes of weddings; please email me and I will happily point you in the right direction to finding amazing indoor space for your wedding.

All of that said, fall time weddings in Whistler can be spectacular! The colours are gorgeous, the village is slow-paced and quiet, and there are very often those surprise summer days that make you feel not-quite-ready-for-winter.

Average Fall Temperatures in Whistler:

Month             High                Low

October          16C/60F        3C/38F

November      5C/41F           -1C/30F

Winter Weddings in Whistler

Whistler Wedding Officiant Jeremy Postal - Photo by Logan Swayze

Most people who live in Whistler moved here for the winter. Winter in Whistler is like stepping into a fairytale snow globe. Frozen lakes, giant icicles hanging from homes, snow covered trees, and some of the best powder skiing and snowboarding on the planet. The Whistler alpine receives an average 30’ of snow per year!

There is a very distinct feel and vibe to a Whistler wedding when it’s dumping massive snow flakes, pure magic. Or, imagine waking up on your wedding day to a fresh blanket of snow and beautiful blue skies? It is awe-inspiring.  

Photographer Logan Swayze, whose photos are featured in this post, says this: “Snow simplifies the landscape and makes it look clean and beautiful. The sun sets early so the beautiful light is between 3pm-6pm as opposes to 8-9pm in the summer.” Plan accordingly, but we often aim for a 2:30pm ceremony.

The snowy backdrop makes for gorgeous photo opportunities and memorable moments, but please remember to dress warm! Wear extra layers, bring hand warmers, gloves, over-jackets, and wear boots. The goal here is to dress appropriate to the weather and best enjoy your wedding day.

Average Winter Temperatures in Whistler:

Month             High                Low

December      -1C/30F         -5/23F

January          -2C/28F         -8C/18F

February        3C/37F           -5/23F

March             8C/46F           -3C/27F

The truth is, no matter what the weather is doing outside, what matters is the declaration of love happening as we celebrate your ceremony. That space while you’re standing at the wedding “altar” is very intimate space; as you hold hands and look into one another’s eyes and as you share vows and recount your love story, the weather will be the last thing on your mind.

So go ahead, book your Whistler wedding and enjoy all that Whistler has to offer you and your guests in your celebration!

For more information and to ask any general questions about getting married in Whistler, please do not hesitate to email or phone call me at 604.932.8811. I love helping couple’s discover their Whistler wedding and, even if I’m not the one who ends up saying, “You may kiss the bride,” I still count it an honour to help you get rolling with your Whistler wedding.